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Add this plugin to supercharge your Gravity Form conversions

Gravity Forms is hands down the most powerful and robust form builder on WordPress. With a plethora of add-ons, theres not much you can’t accomplish with the almighty Gravity Forms plugin.

However, forgotten amongst a forest of distraction, your forms are starving for conversions. Truth is, nobody is using your forms, or if they are they’re not converting like they use to. Alone and afraid, your forms are gathering digital dust.

Your Gravity Forms are being ignored.

So what do you do? Ok, your email newsletter is great. Your product? The best. But how does the audience know this? Do they trust you? Are they willing to take the risk? And, how do we nudge the audience closer to converting?

Whilst you may be a whiz at creating complex Gravity Forms, or perhaps you simply whipped up a basic form to collect emails for your list, your missing a mighty ingredient in this marketing recipe. And without it, everybody is ignoring those form inputs.

One thing that we do know is that human beings are social animals. In our daily experiences, a million different data points hit us at every moment, our brains frantically absorbing or discarding information. Due to this abundance of data, we humans use a few shortcuts to get to the nitty gritty of whats important. One of these shortcuts is to have a peak at what everyone else is doing. We’ve all done it. New in town and looking for a good coffee shop? “That one over there looks busy, it must be good.” This is called social proof.

We use social proof as a shortcut in evaluating the quality of a product or service all the time. This proof can come in a variety of ways online, such as testimonials and case studies. Anything that shows us that “yeah, others have tried it and liked it, it must be ok”.

And yet, we haven’t been using social proof to get better conversions rates on a Gravity Forms.

It’s times we lifted our Gravity game.

We can now do that with the new Gravity Proof add-on. Social Proof notifications designed to work seamlessly wth your Gravity Forms.

In only a few minutes, you can have social proof notifications popping up on your website for any and all of your Gravity Forms. Gravity Proof has a seamless backend that enables you to construct your notifications anyway you wish. With robust options, you can show only the Gravity Form entries that you want, when you want, and where you want.

Each notification is built using the words that you want, from entries that users input into your Gravity Form. Any Gravity Form field can be used to build your notification into a customised message specific to your business.

Gravity Proof is perfect for showing your web visitors that your Gravity Form is popular, it’s one of the cool kids. It provides that social proof that nudges visitors in the right direction, and ultimately toward boosting your conversions.

Gravity Proof has the added benefit of making your website ‘come alive’. The notifications communicate to visitors that the site is popular, and that there is value here. As humans, we look for proof that something is valuable, especially with the unknown. We look to our fellow people to get a tip of the hat, and a verification that it’s worth our while to proceed with a form.

So, why not add that special ingredient to your site, and grab yourself Gravity Proof today. It’s time to dust off your Gravity Forms, and boost those conversions.